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Risk Mitigation

(extract from pg 6 of BCPFA Return to Sport Plan)

Return to Sport must be planned around assessing the risks and developing a football specific plan to take all necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of an individual being exposed to or infected with the virus.

This Return to Sport Plan is based on a risk assessment and analysis that considers the risks presented by the type of sport activities and the place where the sport activities occur, who is involved and their risk profile, and what measures can be implemented. The following must be adhered to as part of the plan:

  • The Return to Sport Plan must be made easily available to all staff, volunteers, participants and other stakeholders, through the organization’s website or posted in the facility.
  • Staff, volunteers and participants should be trained on the Return to Sport Plan (as appropriate to age/role). This includes national/provincial mandates as it pertains to NCCP such as Safe Contact, Making Headway and Community Novice Coaching Certification.
  • Implementation of the Return to Sport Plan must be monitored and updated as necessary when circumstances or provincial guidance changes. Local Sporting Organizations (Leagues and Clubs) Board members are ultimately liable for the decisions and work of the organization, therefore, the board of each organization should understand and be comfortable with the level of risk the organization is taking on and approve the adoption of their organization’s Return to Sport Plan before implementation begins.  . . .

Different activities have differing levels of protection and whenever possible use the action that offers the most protection. The following are listed from highest level of protection to lowest

  • Physical distancing measures – to reduce density of people, (number and duration of contacts)

  • Engineering controls – physical barriers, increased ventilation, traffic flow

  • Administrative controls – rules and guidelines

  • Non-medical masks (and other PPE)

For the complete BCPFA Return to Sport Plan please use this link: BCPFA Return to Sport Plan Published: June 12, 2020